Kreskova vodka voted by the experts - Best Romanian Vodka 2023

‘’Kreskova Vodka has proven, over the years, that commitment to quality is a key ingredient when you want to build a strong, memorable brand. And this commitment is precisely what has brought the brand global recognition. We are happy to share with you two new accomplishments of one of the Alexandrion Group’s flagship brands. Kreskova Vodka has recently been awarded for its taste in the World Vodka Awards 2023 competition, Pure Neutral Vodka category, with a gold medal and the country winner “Romania Pure Neutral Winner”.

The World Vodka Awards are the global awards selecting the very best in all the international recognized styles of vodka. The competition is part of The World Drinks Awards series of competitions is organized in UK, every year. All entries are blind tasted and scored to an enforced policy. Each drink is marked on aroma, flavour and finish, with other elements also taken into consideration.’’

Written tasting notes are created for each product. Kreskova Vodka’s tasting notes were described as follows: "A light nose with lemon yogurt and grass; a delightfully unctuous mouthfeel, a sweet and viscous palate with lemon, grass husk and bitter depth, with a lovely balance of warm and oily texture."

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