Kreskova Dry Spirit

Kreskova Dry Spirit is a versatile, low-alcohol beverage 28%, which enjoys longevity and tradition on the Romanian vodka and spirits market - the pioneer of the 28% vodka range.

Kreskova Dry Spirit mixes its unique and smooth taste obtained by the high quality of the finest selected ingredients.

The perfectly balanced liquid of Kreskova 28% are achieved using ultra pure water and the neutral alcohol obtained from cereals, which are also the main ingredients that complete it.

In the production process, special attention is paid to quality and taste, so that whenever you choose Kreskova Dry Spirit, you always enjoy the same authentic experience and a balanced and strong drink.

With Kreskova, you build your story, and you can do that by choosing the assortment that defines you.



100ml | 200ml | 500ml | 1000ml | 1750ml

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