Citrus Lust

5cl Kreskova

3cl Yuzu liqueur

2cl Bergamot syrup

2cl fresh Lime juice

1 dash Lemon bitters

Elderflower tonic Top up

Glass: Balloon or nice wine glass

Garnish: Cherry and green leaves

Method: shake & top up


5cl Kreskova Vodka

3cl Lichior de cirese

5cl Kreskova Vodka

3cl Cherry Liqueur

2cl Chocolate Liqueur

2cl fresh lime juice

Glass: Nice Martini style glass

Method: Shake, double strain

Garnish: Cherries, flowers

Bloody Mary

5cl Kreskova

9cl Tomato juice

1.5cl fresh lime juice

2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

Tabasco, Salt, Pepper (To Taste)

Method: Stir gently all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice into a highball glass. Garnish with celery leaves.

Garnish: Celery leaves


5cl Kreskova

2cl Winter Spices Syrup

2cl Strawberry Liquer

2.5cl Fresh lime juice

Fresh Ginger, chili

Glass: Stylish Old Fashion

Method: Muddle 1 small piece of fresh ginger alongside 2 small pieces of red chili. Add rest of ingredients & shake. Fine strain over ice cubes or sphere.

Garnish: green leaves and lime peel

Sweet Kiss

4cl Kreskova Vodka

3cl Saber Elyzia Sour Cherries

1.5cl Strawberry Pure

1.5cl chocolate syrup

2cl fresh Lime


Method: Add all ingredients to shaker. Shake well and pour over ice in an Old Fashion Glass with sliced strawberries.


5cl Kreskova

1.5cl Vermouth Bianco

1.5cl Dry Orange Curacao

2cl fresh lime

2 pieces fresh Ginger

Ginger Ale top up

Method: Muddle the ginger and add the rest of ingredients except ginger ale. Give it a nice shake & fine strain over fresh ice and top up with ginger ale.

Garnish: Slice of Orange, orange zest.

Bella Vita

5cl Kreskova

2cl Strawberry pure

1cl chili syrup

2 small pieces fresh chili

2cl fresh lime juice

2 dash Peach bitters

Method : Shake all ingredients. Fine strain over fresh ice.

Garnish with red chili, strawberry & mint

Wild n' Free

5cl Kreskova

2cl Bitter

2cl Cherry syrup

2 drops vanilla essence

2cl fresh lime

Method : Add all ingredients to shaker & shake well. Fine strain over fresh ice.

Garnish: Lemon zest & Amarena Cherries

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